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Our telecom division has a wide variety of services to better fill the needs of your business. With more than forty five years of experience in institutional and commercial facilities we are uniquely qualified to provide additions, alterations and repairs to your telecommunication, access control and camera systems without disruption to your staff and customers. We offer a solution for most of your low voltage system needs, including:

  • Design and Systems Consultation
  • Installation of Ladder Racks, Cable Trays, Server Cabinets and Relay Racks
  • Moves, Adds, & Changes
  • Workstation Cabling including Supports, Outlets and Patch Panels
  • Backbone Feeds that include Copper, Multimode and Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable
  • Installation of Fiber Optic Cable and Systems
  • Installation of Copper and Fiber Optic Outside Plant Cabling
  • Testing & Certification
  • Complete Access Control Systems
  • Phone Systems
  • Surveillance Video Systems

We are Ortronics certified and an authorized Toshiba and Hirsch dealer.


Hirsch Identive

Hirsch IdentiveSynonymous With High Security. From a ScramblePad and Controller for a single door to an enterprise-wide system connecting hundreds of doors for thousands of users, Hirsch is the preferred choice for applications requiring high security, reliability, scalability and investment protection.

Star2Star Phone Systems

Star2Star Phone SystemsTraditionally, there have been three ways to implement VoIP for small and medium businesses.

  1. Traditional Phone Service and Third Party PBX
  2. PBX Manufacturer with Third Party Phone Service
  3. Hosted PBX with VoIP Phone Service

We examined each of these approaches and found them all to be lacking in one or more ways. We believe that in order for a business grade Internet phone service to be a viable solution for small and medium sized businesses, it has to exceed other VoIP solutions and even surpass traditional phone service.

The Star2Star architecture does both of those things. It delivers powerful features, superior quality, unmatched reliability, and dramatic cost savings. And it does it at a cost that is usually about half of competitive products. Our unique approach provides an end-to-end integrated, managed and monitored, business grade phone solution. The Star2Star system is complete; almost everything you need or may need in the future is a standard part of the system, including unlimited voice mail and conference calling. Our multiple-location operation is the best in the industry, and our line pooling feature allows multi-location customers to save even more money by eliminating redundant and unnecessary phones lines.


OrtronicsOrtronics/Legrand offers more ways to connect and more ways to create a cabling infrastructure that adds capabilities and reduces hassles - in any industry.


MolexMolex Premise Networks Systems represents a single information system that transports voice, data, video and LAN applications while utilizing the latest technologies, including Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP), Screened Twisted Pair (ScTP) and Fiber Optics.

Our total system solutions exceed all relevant internationally recognized standards such as ISO, EIA, & TIA, and is guaranteed to handle information transport speeds of up to 1Gbps and beyond as the technology develops.

Fluke Networks

Fluke NetworksFluke Networks provides innovative solutions for the testing, monitoring and analysis of enterprise and telecommunications networks and the installation and certification of the fiber and copper foundation of those networks.


Leviton Voice and DataLeviton was founded in 1906 to manufacture a single product: tip mantles for gas lights. Since then, the Company has become a leading North American producer of electrical and electronic products. Learn more about the Company and the markets it serves.


Berk-TekLANmark-1000 is an ANSI/TIA/EIA Category 6 verified cable that is ideal for gigabit network applications. It introduces new electrical performance parameters which are needed for gigabit Ethernet network systems.

Blakeslee Electric Telecom

Preventative Maintenance

We understand that the reliability of your electrical system is critical to the operation of your business. Thatís why we invest in the most advanced...More

Preventative Maintenance

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Our telecom division has a wide variety of services to better fill the needs of your business. With more than forty-five years of experience... More